Halizat – An Illustration // Badiru Kehinde

Meet ‘Halizat’, the goddess of ‘virtue’ and ‘creativity’ who daily watches over us and is the feminist archetype of the African Woman.

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“Halizat” – An Illustration // Badiru Kehinde

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My review of Chimamanda’s “Dear Ijeawele/A Feminist Manifesto in 15 Suggestions”

In a complex multi-cultural space of identity struggle, class, gender preferences and inclusion, race and skin pigment issues, @chimamanda_adichie adds to the discourse on F(f)eminism in her “Dear Ijeawele/A Feminist Manifesto in 15 Suggestions” ☺

She writes to a, maybe imaginary mother in Nigeria on how to raise her female child as a feminist, and may be, herself into one. Although, for every F(f)eminist, this work is a bible chronicling the tenets of Feminism, it wouldn’t be so for misogynists and male chauvinists.
Of all and most importantly, I believe a girl is not a ‘girl child’, she is a child, and as such, should be treated as a full child. Mothers should be full persons as @chimamanda_adichie suggested and cultural institutions should be questioned, for the ones that need to.

I totally enjoyed this work and I will let you know when I start training my own girls. 😍😍 Bye

Badiru Kehinde
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