They Raped Mommy

They Raped Mommy


I’m writing with black oil
In my eyes, blood between my lips
and pepper in my throat

They didn’t come in the night,
They came at will, everyday,
dressed in random cassocks
With 72 pockets, heavy and patterned,
I see black guards everywhere.

They took their cassocks off,
for continued years
They raped Mommy,
She was on her period
I saw the flow, it was blood-oil
blood-soil, night-rain, night-pain.

She whimpered,
She cursed
She laughed
She bared her breasts
And looked at these rapists,
In their variants of vultures, lions,
locusts, antelopes and hyenas.

Today is Mommy’s birthday
But she’s still having cramps
from these rapists’ claws.


Badiru Kehinde is a Nigerian poet, short story writer, creative writing instructor, illustrator and editor. He was born in Lagos, and grew up in Okokomaiko, Lagos and Ibadan. “I Know Why Your Mother Cries”, his first published work of poetry would be republished [in hardcover] in winter 2019 and available for sale worldwide. Virtual copies are available on Amazon. Kehinde enjoys Soul and Smooth Jazz music, shares and believes in Jesus, Marxism and Karma. Kehinde, who is at the forefront of digital poetry in Nigeria currently lives in Lagos, teaches Creative writing to budding and would-be writers through the NGO, “Write Now”. He freelances as a ghost writer, and works as lead-editor and illustrator/designer with “Lofty Steps Consults”. Kehinde shares exciting stuffs on his social media platforms.

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ON SUICIDE: The New Nigerian Stage Play

*ON SUICIDE: The New Nigerian Stage Play*

My friend and Radio brother, Tosin wrote about Suicide and its increasing rate. I had been silent on this issue but I have to make this clear because it’s disturbing.

Refresh your Home page on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and major blogs in Nigeria, you would have your eyes fed with sad tales of suicide and post-suicide victims. While still grappling with why they took their own lives, your eyes will also be decorated with the suicide notes they left behind, some in fine writings at that.

Even though Popular Culture and Media, and its social nuances have brought us closer to the world and the idea of the Post-Modern (or if you so wish) your own idea of being Modern in a Post-traumatic Nigerian State, I find it erratic, yet heart-smelting to say that Suicide amongst Nigerian youth is a product of what we consume online and the Nigerian dystopia is enough inspiration to buy a rope or ‘Sniper’.

In the whole of last year, and with the gory statistics of those who had committed suicide this year, the blame had allegedly been pinned to Buhari’s harsh regime. I find this as a shift-blame/blame-shift mechanism.

Sadly, we are trapped in a nation where there are hardly National Rehabilitation Centres or even Forensic teams who would look into the issues and cases of suicides. Don’t be forced to ‘replace your tea with water’ when you discover that in the real sense of it, only 40% of the Suicide cases might actually be true. What if serial killers are out there strategically killing their victims then staging their death scenes and the actual death as a ‘suicide’?

I confidently put it to you that Suicide is a serious issue, that which the right persons are not paying attention to. Your President is in Saudi Arabia at the moment, I don’t think it concerns him (Maybe, when he returns from his 35th ‘Ajala’ excursion)

Suicide is not the way but can be the way to those who are having the thought(s) of it. Let’s help our friends, families and colleagues. Talk to people, monitor (sudden/irrational) changes in behaviours and what have you. Show love.

We have work to do.
God will not stop you from killing yourself; He has given us Choice already. Be guided.

NB: If the government comes for me after this post, don’t be sober, be glad truth prevailed.