This Heart is Home

This Heart is Home

I remember all the queens in my life today. Never been busier telling their stories, and listening to the beauty of their voices. On this special defining day, I’ve never missed nature this much and the vibrance on the lips of my Little Angel and Grandma’s.

It’s beautiful that of all the moments that define me, dancing with(in) these harmattan leaves and watching old age beat drums under the sole of my Grandma’s shoe is the most beautiful and nostalgic feeling I will ever have.

I hope she knows how much her love is the lamp that brightens the roads in my heart, how beautiful it is the song Little Angel composed for her today.

& today, like every other days, this heart stopped wondering where the sun is, when the lives I’ve lived in my imagination reminds me Grandma’s eyes house the sun.

This heart is home, in the arms of Grandma and under the umbrella of my Little Angel. Kiss me faintly; I’m yours to die slowly in your love.

For #InternationalWomen’sDay2021

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