My review of Chimamanda’s “Dear Ijeawele/A Feminist Manifesto in 15 Suggestions”

In a complex multi-cultural space of identity struggle, class, gender preferences and inclusion, race and skin pigment issues, @chimamanda_adichie adds to the discourse on F(f)eminism in her “Dear Ijeawele/A Feminist Manifesto in 15 Suggestions” ☺

She writes to a, maybe imaginary mother in Nigeria on how to raise her female child as a feminist, and may be, herself into one. Although, for every F(f)eminist, this work is a bible chronicling the tenets of Feminism, it wouldn’t be so for misogynists and male chauvinists.
Of all and most importantly, I believe a girl is not a ‘girl child’, she is a child, and as such, should be treated as a full child. Mothers should be full persons as @chimamanda_adichie suggested and cultural institutions should be questioned, for the ones that need to.

I totally enjoyed this work and I will let you know when I start training my own girls. 😍😍 Bye

Badiru Kehinde
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Short Review of Welcome to Lagos // Chibundu Onuzo by Badiru Kehinde

I just read @chibundu.onuzo Welcome to Lagos and here is my review **

“Welcome to Lagos” has done more than what @chibundu.onuzo would probably have intended – painting Lagos through the lives of two ex-soldiers, Oma, Isoken and Fineboy (the fun-boy) and a passionate young journalist who later finds love under a veil over his pen and paper.

Onuzo, like every griot has given non-Lagosians and even current residents a fresh image of Lagos, with the million stories tied to its bridges, roads, uncompleted storeys buildings and wherever life throws you.
As part of narrative style, she leaves her readers with questions, and gives us imageries of beggars, hustlers and gawkers which Lagos gives us daily in 3D.

The novel captures the contemporary Nigerian society, its endless tales of corruption, embezzlement and the gimmicks of avaricious politricksters.

I enjoyed Onuzo’s use of language and most brilliantly for a second novel, her plot-twist towards the denouncement which left us feeling (for those who have one) for Chief Sandayo. She speaks of us, now and a better tomorrow.

Badiru Kehinde

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