IN-MY-LAGOS.jpglagos-dp-cover-696x696.jpgIn my Lagos

Are the lessons you need for living,

If the crazy ‘ molue ‘ drivers

Do not thrill you,

The angry mob by the road side will.

If the skinny girls don’t take away

Your eye ball , the three men at Ojota will.

This is Lagos,

Here, your dreams are painted

On the canvas of yellow & black.

Here, traffic is like taking attendance

at the gate of heaven.

You must confirm your pocket

As you walk from bustop to bustop…

In my Lagos,

Madness is a choice,

Amebo is integrity,

Freedom is in chains,

Fashion is oxgyen ,

Love is a sham,

Business is business.

If you don’t mind your business,

You will be taught the lesson of EkoAkete!

This is my Lagos!

But there is more to it…

In my Lagos!

© BadiruKehinde

(Author: I Know Why Your Mother Cries)

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