Motivational Lick: ***THE LIMITS AIN’T LIMITS By Badiru Kehinde ***

They call You names for doing what your heart wants you to do,please keep doing it.Don’t join the world because you are tired of hearing friends who keep calling you ‘Church girl or Church boy’,’Joseph the dreamer’,Visioner, Builder of Castles in thin air’ and what have you.Your life is not determined by the feelings,pleasure,satisfaction or interest of other people.

Look at the great men and women of today;learn from their stories;
**President Obama took a loan to go to school…

**Pastor Sam Adeyemi from one of his books narrated he worked on construction sites as a youth…

**Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo would always wake up very early in the morning to hawk bread for his aunt…

**Steve Jobs had issues in loaning some money from friends,they never believed in his dreams…

**Stevie wonder was born premature and blind from birth,today he’s a world class pianist,singer and grammy award winner becoming a major influence to several artises including myself…

**Benjamin Carson was concluded a dullard by his class teacher…

**’My experience is quite similar, the same teacher who told me I lacked vocal expression back in High School is now one of my favourite readers of my literary works,she never misses reading them’…Badiru Kehinde

**Some others who topped their class from behind back in school are now rich business moguls and entertainers topping the business world rankings and the Bill Board Chart respectively.

**Bill Gates’ first business; Traf-O-Data failed wholefully but he never gave up. He decided not to see the limita as limits and today that decision has made him the world’s second richest man just rising from the position of being the first.

**Oprah Winfrey bounced around various Baltimore news stations, including one that fired her for getting too emotionally invested in stories. Her demotion to daytime TV proved a blessing in disguise, and by 30 she had the highest-rated talk show in Chicago.

**Ang Lee; After earning his master of fine arts, Lee spent six years as a stay-at-home husband while his film career stalled. Ashamed, but not limited by limits, he briefly considered a career in computer science until his wife, the family’s sole earner, urged him to continue pursuing his dream.

** Walt Disney; At 24, he had Oswaldo the Rabbit, his first successful cartoon character, stolen from him by Universal Studios. At 25, MGM told him no one would ever like Mickey Mouse. At one point in his twenties, Disney was so poor that he resorted to eating dog food.
Walt Disney’s vision of his animations was also once ridiculed by people…

So many instances are of note,let’s reflect on these few I could offer.See Ladders in Limits,See every no as an opportunity for a better yes.On a final note,be yourself,endure the hardship,face criticisms,they don’t make you less strong,it only helps you to grow stronger thereby becoming better.

In the words of Mary J Blidge ‘In each tear,there is a lesson,it makes you wiser than before’

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Reference: Huffpost, Buzzfeed, Wikipedia
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