AFRICA MUST BE EMANCIPATED (Kenyan Massacre 2/04/15)


147 Promising destinies were shattered on the 2nd on April,2015 in a Kenyan University as they were massacred by 6 members from the Al-Shabab militant group.You think of what to wear tomorrow 05/04/2015;Easter Sunday,remember the dead won’t be able to do that and I’m quite sure they did had plans…

Just 2 days later,the world has moved on,even the so called West that claims to be a policing force of the Global South.We refer to 147 souls as though we talk of just mere numbers.

Can you imagine 147 buckets at your front,how crowdy and clumsy it would be.That’s how clumsy the international system has become.It’s no more international justice but international prejudice and long for selfishness.

Let the world rise up,Africa must be emancipated from racial subjugation,insecurity and greed…There’s beauty in being BLACK,there’s value in being AFRICAN…I Call on the entire world to rise up and fight for the safety,security of and peace in the African continent.

Article Written: BADIRU KEHINDE A. (Nigerian)
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