PO3M: Love’sVERSE By Badiru Kehinde

PO3M: #LOVE’sVERSE By Badiru Kehinde

No Rhyme,
No Reason,
No Connection,

Never a time,
Though it ends in treason,
A story without perfection.

Come to Me,
So he said is tale of love,
A place where we’ll be free,
Secret verses only royalties have.

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Badiru Kehinde All Rights Reserved

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(Dedicated to the memory of the kids who lost their lives on 10/11/14 in the Yobe blast)

(Dedicated to the memory of the kids who lost their lives on 10/11/14 in the Yobe blast)
NB: Boko Haram’s bombing of a science secondary school in Yobe,North east Nigeria.


To the *Mon’sters* who killed our Morning’stars*…
Bading us goodbye to our world.

Shattered in our prime,
by your bombs that count in time.

*from the assembly ground,
to the assembly of body parts…found.

Your heriosm to end my days,
though we just started making hays…

Tears from my desolate mother,
makes her chin sag further…

You killed me to earn your paradise,
In expectation of ten wives.

I hope I’ll be one of them…
Where I’ll make You con*dem.

Written By Badiru Kehinde 11/11/14
All Rights reserved 2014 #LyricalThoughts

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