“Don’t worry about it,Do something about it”…Yea I know you are surprised why I started with that quote.It’s just what I wanted to tell you,don’t worry over it,just take a bold step and do something about it….2013 has lived life to its fullest,in the sight of God,the year didn’t go against God’s predestined plan of 52 weeks.The year obeyed God…The question is this;in the sight of God,was our 2013 worth presentable and if He were to grade us,what would be your grade,what would be mine?

Well my dear,never worry about that because GOD doesn’t focus on our past,He is more concerned about the future of you & me.That’s the more reason why we have NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS.There were some things we outlined & promised to attain by the beginning of 2013,however due to some reasons we were not able to.I want you to know that it is never too late for you.It is never  too late for GOD to use you to prove His might to others today.

What NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS should look like;
*It all starts with GOD,We were made by His purpose and for His purpose.Let us focus more on Him this new year.

*Grab your sketch pad,make an outline of the newly positive things you’d want to do in this new year.

*Learn the art of saving…after receiving your personal income,the deduction of tax,payment of thithes and offerings…Remember to leave a part which is meant to be saved,at least if not for transactionary motives but for future/precautionary motives.

*Let your life be a difference this new year,Love more because success is not determined by the quantum of money in our bank account but in how we are able to touch people’s lives positively.

*Decide to develop skills,read more because readers are leaders.Never overlook anything,there is a meaning in every trash.

*In our careers & jobs…Let’s become different & indispensible.

*There is no chance for carry overs but breakthroughs…I urge you to reach out,go beyond the boundaries,believe in GOD,believe you can do it,believe in the word POSSIBILITY.

   I pray GOD gives us the support,strength,grace to have bountiful harvests in 2014…Remember,without HIM we are nothing…This is my first official post for 2014.
From Me to You: Happy New Year dearies!!!

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©Badiru Kehinde 1/1/14