‘So many Stars make up a constellation and they shine independently not hindering one another;Know that nobody’s light will hinder yours from shining…We all have our stars and they will shine no matter how hard another star tries to hinder it…Don’t give up dear,it’s all about time,when it’s your time,u’ll be celebrated & I see you at the top’ ©Badiru Kehinde

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It’s of my greatest bewilderment that I had to review and write on this scenario because it is becoming the unbecoming…Gone are the days when our female children sought for the prestige of marriage,however now you’d see so many single mothers living alone with about two kids or more.
    It has now become a fast spreading phenomenon to see so many young ladies who are vehemently pursuing the desire to get married as quick as possible.I’m sorry If my review is an epitome of you.It’s my job as a writer,I can’t but speak and react on my observation…It’s omniscient…However,without deviating from my review,I have observed that so many young ladies crave for marriage & child bearing.They so long for it that they tend to miss purpose & miss target.I’m not married & was never married,but we all have experiences to share from the teachings of life and this luckily is one of mine.
  ‘Marriage is not a game of mere child bearing,it entails more than that.It’s a life’s journey which I myself someday will embark upon.If it’s just for child bearing,it’s simple,even a girl or boy of 13 can produce progeny (Children)…You tried to figure out why I referred to them as a boy and a girl,that’s because they are not yet matured & experienced to ride on that horse of life.
  So many people today are prepared to themselves,but I tell you that they are prepared only to be unprepared.I overheard a young lady who seriously speaks out sometime that she wants to get married and nothing else.My dear,all is not about marriage,get focused first.The joy is gotten from the patience  & preparation you pool towards it.It will be tagged a curse if a girl of 10 and above tells her friends that she doesn’t have a boyfriend.They end up giving up their life,career,focus,hapiness to a guy who only thinks of how he can ride on you till the fuel gets exhausted,then his mission is accomplished.He then embarks on another ‘mission possible’…It’s rare to see ladies with strategically aligned plans for their lives,take note,I didn’t say there isn’t…’Not until you assume a future,the purpose of life will always become undefined’.In each tears there is a lesson,thus must u learn yours through wasting your tears and suffering your eye lashes for nothing…You are not defined by ‘unwanted pregnancy’,so be prepared enough to be prepared.Marriage is the least to worry about because when it’s time and the right person appears,it just have to worry about it own self (marriage)…
  To this end I hope this few words from a little boy as me will push you to that point you’ve patiently always sought for.Thanks for sparing me your time to read this.What’s Your review on this as I pray for you that You’ll not miss it…

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Written & Edited:7th Sept,2013.
©Badiru Kehinde