Sure you would ask just one
question;’what does this
connote’,another is that;’is it possible for an eagle to be myopic? No more
questions after you have successfullyread this.The word ‘myopic’ implies short sightedness literally and connotatively,it is the inability
to see what the results of a
particular action or decision
would be.On the other hand,we
know what an eagle is;it is a bird
with a bright sight,meticulous
vision and of lofty heights.

The head word ‘myopic eagles’ is
an epitome of so many people of
this present new generation.It is
so tragic when an eagle becomes
short sighted & that implies a
great fall.This is the same thing that is pertinent to the youths of this modern day.Some people have potentials that when maximized can result to great achievements.However,they tend to be indiferent and ignore their potentials leaving it to be eroded,thereby leaving themselves on a limited landscape.’What you say you cannot do will actually become your master’.Endeavour to open yourself up to have the
prowess,nurture it,refine it,redefine ur life’s topic,strategize your plans,organize your tactics,feed ur vision, hope for a mission
because the level of your expectations will determine ur manifestations.

‘If you dnt know who you’re,those
who don’t know themselves wil tell you who you’re not’.Discover who you’re and neva waste chances.If
our leaders are myopic,we should
not.Never expect the best from the government because it is just like
building castles in the air.If the
government of the day wouldn’t
bring change,you can be an advocate
of CHANGE yourself.Life’s most
successful people are not those
who are rich but those who learn
to think outside d box.’Thinking is
a charger’ and the more you bcome thought-oriented,the more your goals become actualized.Wen you
find your strength,master your
weaknes;when you discover a
problem,think of a possible outcome
and procure a remedy;when you are
snubbed for doing the right
thing,encourage yourself.

In conclusion,’Every great walk
starts from taking a step’.You’re
made for greatnes,why don’t you just
grab heights,embrace the
actualization of God’s destiny for
Your life.Above all,set God first,He
inspires your inspiration.Set
goals,plan,draw out a
map,strategize, don’t b a myopic
eagle,pray and…SEE YOU FLY LIKE



  1. peter u udokwu · September 20, 2013

    9ice update

    • iambadirukehinde · September 20, 2013

      Thanks a lot sir…Thanks for your review…Hoping to see more of it.God Bless

  2. Anike · September 4, 2013

    Mr. Keji banks. . Bravo, kudos to you. . Nice article. . . I guess eagles are hypermetropic. . Lol.

    • iambadirukehinde · September 5, 2013

      mmmmmm.. Indeed…Tnks Anike,Tnks for ur review

  3. dayo · August 20, 2013

    dz is good Bro

    • iambadirukehinde · September 4, 2013

      Tnks Bro…I really appreciate ur commendation

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